A Look Inside Mark Hurd’s Life

If you want to know something interesting about a successful man, yu can look up on internet where there are biographies of sportsmen, celebrities, and successful CEOs. But it is hard to learn about really light aspects about the personality from these autobiographies. But eager enthusiasts got a rare chance to catch a glimpse of Read This recently when he disclosed facts about his lifestyle and habits. This was during his interaction with some members of the media at the headquarters of Oracle in Redwood city, California.


Mark Hurd said that his day normally starts at 4:30 in the morning. He added that he normally has two speeds that he follows in his life depending upon requirements and his own energy levels. He was talking about his life and career during this media interaction. Mark is undoubtedly one of the most important and also interesting leaders in technology companies around the world. He currently shares the title of CEO with Safra Catz in Oracle.


Mark Hurd is often described as a gregarious person who is always ready with a joke to break the ice when in the company of other men. He is also a very sober and private person at the same time. He does not talk much about his philanthropic work or about his parents which is what most CEO’s happily talk about. However, this interaction revealed much about Mark Hurd’s life such as he was born to a rich father who worked in the finance industry. He also told that he has been happily married to Paula for the last 25 years. They are proud parents of two daughters of whom one is studying in college while the other is still in her teens.


Mark is a wealthy man but he doesn’t like to talk about charities or foundations even if he owns them.


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