Bill4time Review: Tracks Time to Let you Work

If you are providing professional service to your clients, you know the importance of correct billing and invoicing. Correct billing becomes all the more important when you charge your client on an hourly basis. A small mistake in counting time can cost you dearly To obliterate the possibility of this mistake, professionals take help of various time keeping software available in the market. Out of these Bill4time has become very popular these days. Read any Bill4time review and you would realize that this time tracking and invoicing software has indeed become the number one choice of law firms and other professionals.


Bill4time is a web based application that makes time tracking child’s play for law firms that grapple with this task all the time. It becomes all the more difficult when several lawyers, all charging a different hourly fee, work together on the case of a client. This software cleverly bills the client for only those hours that are billable, thereby obliterating any chances of mistake or overbilling.


If you read Bill4time review, you would come to know that this wonderful software is cloud based. This means you can carry on tracking time not only when you are working in your office but also anywhere that you may be, whether on a train or your home. Using this tool is so easy that you forget all about the worry of time tracking when using Bill4time. The basic aim of Bill4time is to reduce the time and effort of your employees that goes into counting time provided to a client.


Bill4time is a product from Broadway Billing Systems, a SaaS provider having offices in New York and Bellevue. It is priced very reasonably by the company. You have to pay $30 per month for using it as a registered user. For second user in the same company, the price of this software is only $20 per month.

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