ELO Boost EUW: Get a Better Ranking

Being a LOL player in EUW can be a nightmare for you considering the variation you experience in terms of abilities of other players. West EU is perhaps the most varied of all regions in League of Legends. You may find that you are stuck in ELO hell because of players with low ranking being chosen as your team members. This is one of the reasons why you still belong to subdivision II of Silver category whereas you consider yourself as a much better player. Moving to higher categories is one of the toughest in LOL EUW but not impossible. One of the easiest ways of increasing your ranking is by getting an ELO boost EUW.


Till the end of season two, players had no choice but to make efforts themselves to move to higher categories inside the game. Initially there were 4 categories namely Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum while a 5th category of Diamond was added in the 2nd season. To make it more interesting for the players as they played this fantastic multiplayer battle arena video game, makers added subdivisions inside each category. One has to grind his way for 5 subdivisions to move to the next higher category. It was later that an ELO rating system was introduced like the sport of chess. It reflects the skills and abilities of a player based upon his performance in the last few games. In fact mean of the performance in last few games is taken to arrive at the ELO rating of a player as well as a team.


ELO rating is not forever. It decays automatically if you remain inactive for a week or more and do not play LOL. But to move to higher categories and a chance to play with better players, you must get ELO boost EUW.

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