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15 Apr

Express credit with immediate payment means preferred, especially urgent, urgent and fast. These benefits you get when you book your online loan as “Express”. This means: If you book in advance by 15 clock, the express credit ofGood Loan family is even within 60 minutes to your German checking account.

Delays in availability may be due to your bank and its processing time. All further information about the expiry of the express option can be found here.

Our Express Credit offers the following benefits online:

  • Fast admission or cancellation
  • Instruction of the money within 60 minutes on your German account
  • Only the sum of 3,000 euros you really need
  • Express edit
  • No initial costs
  • individual listening times selectable

Pay for important repairs and reminders thanks to the express credit

The express loan is intended for cases in which very, very fast money must be borrowed. For the borrower, you are almost instant loans. Because this is exactly what this loan with express transfer ofGood Loan family is intended to pay in very short-term cases, an urgent, unforeseen invoice or repair. Even before reminders or lost earnings occur.

What is the maximum loan amount for the Express Loan?

What is the maximum loan amount for the Express Loan?

Good Loan family allocates small amounts of money with a short term. For our small loans, a maximum payout of 3.000 Eur o. New customers can lend, however, only a loan amount up to 500 euros. The reason for this is our fair deal, which means trust. We want to make sure that our clients do not get into financial difficulties. We understand our service as a serious help and use an individual credit check to determine your credit line so that we can ensure that you can repay the loan in 30 days. Our express loan is only intended as a quick interim financing until the next pay.

How long does it take for the Expresskredit until the money is in the account?

Optional transfer of the express option will benefit from express transfer. So you still have the loan in your account today. After careful consideration and approval of your application, the money will be transferred within 60 minutes . Depending on the house bank, the money should be in your account at the latest after 24 hours.

Our efficient and very fast editing process with the videoident process ensures fast loan processing.

Can the express loan be purchased with immediate payment?

If you book the express option, the loan amount will be transferred the same day , provided that you submit all documents by 3 pm at the latest.

We can be so fast because the application process is completely online and automated. As an existing customer, the process is accelerated again because you no longer need to upload new documents.

What are the costs of express credit to me

Good Loan family does not charge any administration fees , processing fees or commissions . You only have to pay the accrued interest costs. Interest rates remain very low due to the short maturity of 30 days. With a loan amount of 150 euros and a term of 30 days, the total repayment is 151.64 euros. The borrowing rate in this example amounts to a favorable 1.64 euros. If you have also added the express option or the installment option, you will be reimbursed for these additional costs.

Can I also repay the express loan in installments?

Yes. That too is possible with our installment option . Simply apply for the additional option with a term of, for example, 60 days , if you want more financial freedom to repay. This option helps if z. For example, the financial bottleneck lasts a little longer than the next salary. As an existing customer, it is even possible to apply for a installment of 180 days.

What conditions do I have to meet to apply for an express loan online?

To qualify for the Express Loan, you as a borrower must meet certain basic requirements: You need a primary residence in Germany and a German bank account. You have not taken any affidavit to the tax office, landlord or bank. If you meet these requirements, you can submit a non-binding loan request at any time.

Requirements at a glance

  • Main residence Germany
  • German bank account
  • monthly income (at least 500 euros)
  • no over-indebtedness

Is the Express Loan also available for the unemployed, students or retirees?

Yes, even as a student, trainee, pensioner or unemployed you have the opportunity to get an express loan. It is important that you have a fixed monthly income of at least € 500 and are not over-indebted .

Does the express credit allow payment within 24 hours?

Since you only borrow money fromGood Loan family online, the transfer and payment usually works within 24 hours . But you still have to consider the processing time of a maximum of 3 working days before the transfer. The processing time can be reduced to a minimum without hassle with the booking of our express option.

How long does a normal transfer take in the case of express transfer?

Regularly, classic transfers are processed in writing within 2 – 3 working days and transferred to the recipient’s account. If the recipient account is with the same bank, it may be that the money is received the same day. If it is with another bank, one can go out of 3 – 4 days. If there is a weekend in between, it takes longer, that’s something you should keep in mind.

Online transfers are much faster. Since 01.01.2012 a new law (BGB § 675s) defines the minimum duration of online transfers to 24 hours. This only applies on weekdays and not on weekends or holidays. For example, if a transfer is made on a Thursday at 21:00, the 24 hour period will not apply until Friday, because the bank will only be open again. At weekends, however, no bank transfers are made, so the 24 hours will stretch from business day to business day, meaning that the money will not be available until Monday. It is therefore essential to include opening hours and working days in the planning, if you want to receive a timely transfer.

Is the express loan paid out faster online than at the house bank?

Branch or direct banks offer so-called express transfers or lightning transfers. Earlier referred to lightning transfers, express transfers or instant transfers as Prior1 transfers, which dates back to the time of telegraphic transfers, but this name is no longer common. To sign up for a direct transfer, go to the counter and say that you want an express transfer and fill out a request.

The deadlines vary from bank to bank, but mostly around lunchtime. Only up to this time, depending on the bank, the banks can guarantee the express transfer on the same day. This service costs extra. The price varies from bank to bank and should be inquired beforehand.

Anyone applying for an express credit online will definitely save time

Regardless of the payment period and processing time you profit online that you can complete at any time day or night express credit and are not tied to opening times of bank branches. This saves you annoying access routes and allows you full freedom of action.

The processing time and payout period is the same as for the house bank. But you can go much easier and faster through the application process online and get in total even more special services such as a very fast payout by lightning transfer offered.

Why can the payment on the express credit be delayed?

Even withGood Loan family there is currently still an entry restriction for the immediate payment on the express loan.Good Loan family can arrange express transfer within 60 minutes only if:

  1. all documents and documents have been received byGood Loan family on working days until 3 pm
  2. the post or videoident process has been completed by that time.

Only then canGood Loan family make the transfer of the quick loan within the same day. In the fastest case, the money is available only 30 minutes after receipt of all documents in a German checking account. The period of availability varies due to the different processing times of the respective banks where the credit applicants have their checking accounts. Regular customers no longer need to upload documents, which greatly reduces the application. All you have to do is specify the amount you wish and how long you want to go, book the express option, and then have your express credit on the same day.

Conclusion to borrow money with express credit

If you would like to borrow money fromGood Loan family then you can normally order it within 3 – 4 working days. If you need the money faster because you are in dire need of borrowing money to finance yourself until the next time you pay, just book our express transfer.

Frequently Asked Questions about Express Credit?

Do low-wage earners get an express credit until 1000 Euro approved?

Normally, approval of a loan requires regular, good income. Low earners such as part-time workers or students have a lower chance of getting a loan from traditional banks.

AtGood Loan family, on the other hand, there is a small express loan for everyone. Although a regular monthly income is required for the approval of a loan, but the grant is already possible from a merit of 500 €.

Can I get the express loan without proof of income?

In order to get an instant loan approved, certain proofs are always required. Whether it is a proof of income, a bank statement or a tax document remains to be examined individually.

Is it a problem when I am in probation?

WithGood Loan family, you can also pay out an express loan even if you are still in the probationary period. It is only important that you prove a regular income of at least 500 Euro.

Do unemployed people receive a loan?

Unemployed 1 recipients also have the opportunity to receive an express loan fromGood Loan family . However, an individual examination takes place for this purpose. For recipients of unemployment benefits 2, the situation looks different. Hartz 4 recipients usually have no chance to get a loan.

Do students, trainees and students have an opportunity for an express loan?

Good Loan family offers credit even for young people. Students, trainees and low-income students receive a loan if they demonstrate a minimum wage of 500 euros per month.

How does an express loan for the self-employed work?

Self-employed as well as permanent employees have the opportunity to get a loan fromGood Loan family. Entrepreneurs and young entrepreneurs with a monthly income of at least € 500 simply submit an online application and receive their express credit after a positive examination.

Can I apply for a loan despite the Bank entry?

Even with medium credit ratings,Good Loan family has the chance of a positive loan application. So it is also possible to get an express credit with Bank entry.

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