Installation Of A Shower Head

Shower head makes your life so easier, as you want to turn the ring and the flow of water comes. Taking the best shower makes your life stress-free and to feel more fresh and comfortable. To install any shower head, it’s very simple you just want to read the steps. And by reading the best shower head reviews, you can easily know how to install any shower head.

Work area

The first thing you want to do that you need to prepare the work area. In which you want to install the shower head. Before you start the replacement of a new shower head, make sure that the shower is completely turned off.

Remove old one

Then the next step after you turned off the water completely is to remove the existing shower head. Always don’t try to do any sudden jerks; otherwise, it can break the supply line.

Clean threads

After that clean, the threads of shower stem before you install any new shower head. You can also use a rag to remove any old Teflon tape. An old toothbrush can also help you to get between the threads to clean them. It will help you to remove any grime or dust.

Wrap Teflon tape

Next, you want to apply the Teflon tape at the threads of the shower arm. This will help you to prevent the small water leakages.  Wrap the tape tightly always.

Install new shower

Install the new shower head which you choose to fix in your bathroom. You want to attach the new shower head onto the shower arm clockwise slowly. With the cloth wrap the base of the shower head and shower arm. Then screw uptight the new shower head and remove the cloth.

Turn on the flow of water

And the last step you just want to turn on the flow of water. And make sure that there is no leakage from the shower head or shower arm. For more deep you can also check the best shower head reviews.

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