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27 May

Controlling the temperature in your own living room in the office, opening the shutters directly from the bed without getting up, or worrying about the right light and romantic music with the press of a button – smart home systems are increasingly finding their way into our four walls.
But why are these smart homes so popular? And what about the financing ? In this blog post you get an overview of smart homes and their promotion .

Smart Home – what is it?

Smart Home - what is it?

Surely you have a rough idea of ​​what such a smart home might look like. Mostly one thinks of the central control of lighting, heating and security systems. But what else is possible with intelligent building technology?
Basically, a smart home is a household with a multitude of networked technologies . Different networked household and multimedia devices can communicate with each other and be remotely controlled. On the one hand, this simplifies and automates everyday processes, such as the operation of a light switch, on the other hand, device settings can be adapted to individual needs. So you can temper his house centrally for different purposes or illuminate. The control of all these functions usually takes place via mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets, but can sometimes be done by voice control or hand signals.

One of the goals of a smart home is to make living more comfortable , to increase the safety of the house and to improve energy efficiency . But also for entertainment purposes many people have intelligent technologies built into their homes. For example, you can set up the light to dim automatically when a Smart TV is switched on – and the perfect cinema atmosphere is created.

What is possible with Smart Homes? An overview:

• The perfect temperature – at any time
Controlling the heating at home via the smartphone on the go, that is one way of smart temperature regulation. But you can also provide specific presets for certain temperatures at certain times of day in selected rooms. For example, if you go to the bathroom at 7:30 am every morning, you can set the heating to be 20 degrees Celsius at this time.

• Ventilate efficiently
Who does not know – you open all windows in the morning and then forget to close them again. Smart home systems can tell you via attached sensors how long a window is already open or if you have forgotten to close one.

• Always in the right light
Wake up in the morning with a soft light, set individual light accents in the living room with a push of a button or switch on the light from home at home, so that the house looks busier – intelligent light installations are a key component of the smart home.

• Do not be afraid of burglars
Smart homes can also contain security measures . For example, you can find out if doors or windows are opened when you are away from home and even set it to immediately turn on the radio or turn on the lights. When you’re on holiday, you keep a close eye on your home and do not even need your neighbor to take care of the shutters – intelligent housekeeping techniques can do this all alone.

• Know when it’s burning
Smoke detectors in the house are now mandatory. But these bring little, if you yourself is not home. With smart home systems, the alarm, which a smoke detector triggers, is automatically transmitted to the smartphone and the fire brigade can be called on the way.

• Or just for fun
As already mentioned, smart home systems can also increase the entertainment factor in-house. At the football match of the favorite club, the living room is lit up in club colors or at breakfast the radio automatically jumps at a certain time and plays the morning show of the favorite radio station.

Of course smart homes can do much more. It always depends on how much you want to design them and how many devices you have that you can network with each other. However, the advantages of a smart home are obvious: more living comfort, more security, more energy savings and thus less costs in the long term. In addition, intelligent home techniques are constantly being developed – so smart home systems are far from being at their limits.

Early planning – smart home and mortgage lending

Early planning - smart home and mortgage lending

As so often, when building a home with smart home automation, it is important to start planning early. Especially with new buildings or extensive conversions, it makes sense to include smart home planning in the construction financing . Acquisition costs and installation costs can be calculated from the beginning. In addition, promotional loans can only be requested in advance.
A detailed early planning will always protect you from later additional expenses and expensive retrofits, especially if you want permanently installed cabling for your Smart Home.

How much does a smart home cost?

How much does a smart home cost?

The benefits of having a smart home are obvious. But can you even afford a smart home?
How expensive the installation of intelligent home techniques really is, is of course always on the scale . Entry level sets are available for several hundred Euros, but more complex systems cost several thousand. Houses where the wiring is installed firmly in the building are also much more expensive than radio-controlled smart homes. The basic equipment includes a base station , which costs between 50 and 150 euros. Then there are the respective additional devices, such as surveillance cameras, sensors or heating thermostats. Some vendors can buy packages that often specialize in one goal, such as being designed to improve energy efficiency. The advantage of these packages is that you get everything you need comfortably and compactly, without any compatibility issues. However, with an individual compilation of your Smart Home products, you can usually save money. It should also be noted that some providers charge a monthly or annual fee for using and centrally controlling their devices through the app. Depending on the provider, this amounts to between approx. 15 euros per year and up to 5 euros per month.

Smart Homes are basically an investment . But with the right use, you can save a lot of energy in the long term and thus reduce electricity and heating costs.

What kind of support is there for smart homes?

What kind of support is there for smart homes?

Bank (Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau) can support your construction of a smart home with grants or loans . In the process, construction projects or conversions are promoted, which should provide for more safety, living comfort or energy efficiency. There are two options for promoting Bank: You can receive financial support as part of an age-appropriate renovation or as an additional measure for energy-related renovations . In an age-appropriate conversion, for example, automatic controls of doors and windows, but also radio transmitters for light, stove or intercom systems are promoted.

With these loans and grants, Bank Smart Homes promotes:

• Credit – age-appropriate conversion
This loan is suitable for you if you want to redesign barrier -reducing or burglar- proofing or buy converted living space. Up to 50,000 euros with an annual percentage rate of 0.78% are possible here.

• Investment grant – accessibility
The accessibility investment allowance can amount to up to € 6,250 per apartment – for measures to reduce barriers .

• Credit – energy efficient renovation
The “Energy Efficient Refurbishment” loan is for the refurbishment of a Bank Efficiency House or for individual energy measures . The prerequisite for this is the involvement of an expert in energy efficiency.

• Investment subsidy – energy efficient renovation
This subsidy is for private owners who want to renovate or buy energy-efficient housing. You can apply for the subsidy in the Bank grant portal and also get the exact amount of subsidy there.

Good to know: Devices and entertainment technology such as mobile phones, tablets or televisions are not supported. The support is independent of age, even with the loan “Altersgerecht Umbauen” . On the Bank website you will also find an overview of the funded measures.

If you also want to fulfill your dream of a smart home, you should not miss a grant from the Bank. will be pleased to advise you!

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