What is pocket money enough for?

5 May

We are constantly talking about the problems of adults, but I also think that a young adult who can be considered as an adult also has his or her financial challenges in life. But what can these challenges be, what can be the amount of money we have to be able to be with friends month by month, week to week? What is pocket money enough for? This is what we do now without the need for completeness…

It is very difficult to determine a specific amount, since for a child, the monthly amount of HUF 20,000 is an acceptable amount, but it is almost impossible for parents to pay an amount of 60,000 / month for a minimum wage (60,000 / month) only for pocket money. Unless family support is passed on and replenished. It will work for us from March (the baby arrives) that the family allowance will go straight to a child.

What pocket money strategies can parents follow?

At the same time, the strategy – in this case, the parent gives the child a predetermined amount of money to buy (clothing, entertainment, sports, breakfast, rent). In this case, there are no packed breakfasts, cooked lunches or thousands of slides in your pocket.

Just for fun – those who choose this strategy, parents are thinking about providing their child with the necessary “existence” background, so they pay for meals, dressing, traveling and special lessons / workouts. The pocket money in this case is, according to its function, the amount for “unnecessary” things, such as fun and beating.

Work for it – A third group can write off the pocket money institution, because the home monetary council (parents) decide to introduce a rigorous financial measure and encourage their child to look for the money they need in student work. In this case they also provide everything for “existence”.

What is $ 20,000?

Certainly, if the 20,000 USD are not just for fun, but for dressing, eating during the day and other things, then the child is forced to relapse at a relatively young age (do not eat to have money for something else) or for blicks (eg download everything from the net because there is no money to buy legitimate things). It may not be the right direction to guide our child in this direction, although nobody is doing it directly

Cinema – If we assume that our child goes to the cinema once a month, then they have to pay 1 320 USD at the checkout. In addition, a medium soft drink is allowed, then the additional 550 USD, and if you want a medium popcorn, you spent 1,000 USD in the buffet. So a total of 2 320 cinema.

Buli- I think we can see in the case of a calmer child that one party in the month is in the deck (we are talking about high school students). I think that at this age the house party organized with schoolmates is a much better solution than going into the “adult where the testosterone is in the air”. In the case of the house party, it is enough to bring a bottle of milk and some chewing gum. Even in the most economical setting, it goes smoothly for $ 1,500.

Post-School Relaxation – There are countless types of entertainment (billiards, bowling, etc …) that you cannot avoid for a lifetime, especially for those teenagers who are just trying to get on their own. SURE someone from the class will remember to go billiards so that I don’t write down the common “beer”. 1 of these programs will surely go down to 2,000 USD in the biggest savings. It is an unrealistic expectation that the child should only allow “2” per month for this program type, but now let’s calculate this for $ 4,000.

Mcdonalds- Of course this can be a fast food snack or salad bar. Let’s be honest and let’s see that our child will not eat the healthiest foods in a normal restaurant. An average of $ 1,600 is a regular menu, and let’s say you eat 3x a month. Again underestimated, especially after training, when they go to eat and chat with teammates, buddies, but let’s count on this. 4,800 USD

We’re now at 12,620 USD…

Sports with buddies- You can’t be an athlete from everyone, as many do not want to practice, where you have to pay a membership fee. But let’s say it would be nice to go out to play football / basketball / train once a week or to do anything with friends. To do this, you have to pay for the room rent, which can be multiplied occasionally by 1 000 HUF. $ 4,000 a month in the lowest tone.

The Cola Problem- Have you ever seen a teenager drinking only water? Because I haven’t. It should be taken into account that every two days there will definitely be a box of refreshing days (obviously more often) or a chocolate / chips / nasi. So there will be a little bit of fun every day, with an average of $ 250 a day. That’s 20 × 250 = $ 5,000

End. We’ve already gone beyond the $ 20,000 frame, and we haven’t even talked about dressing, books, festive gifts, or the relationship multiplier. Don’t talk about any savings…

Now, of course, you are thinking that this article makes no sense

It is very difficult to write enormous truths on this subject, because the parent would give everything to his child, but his financial situation may not allow. In addition, how many children, there are so many habits and solutions. There will be someone not going to party with the buddies, but to spend a fortune on books.

I would like to draw your attention, not sure if you know the financial needs of your child.

I don’t think it would be possible to generalize or deal with a “child to stay child and not spend”. In your own life, you have problems at your level that should not be underestimated. You may want to find out what you want to spend on (the best thing to do is sit down and listen to it) and combine it with family opportunities.

I often hear from parents how they judge and easily deal with the problem. “Whatever is unhealthy, no need for it” is stupid thoughts. It must be understood that Meci is never about the word, but about community, friends, and program. Whether it’s just a mickey, a kfc, or a gyros, that’s all. But it doesn’t matter if the child regularly falls out of them because there is not enough money in his pocket and he does not want to “burn out” before the others …

How much pocket money to give?

First and foremost, the family budget does not go bankrupt. This is the most important rule. Secondly, you can strive for this monthly 15-20,000 HUF frame, but only if it doesn’t cause any problems. Of course, one child is easier in this sense, because they only have to pay this amount once.

However, parents can raise a lot of money if they pay more attention to their financial products (can it be cheaper?), Help to organize the child’s school meals, purchase books on an alternative route and so on. So they make all the cost-saving steps that can save you money. And if you stay at the end of the month in the family coffers, your child’s pocket money is less burdensome.

It is not necessary to take everything for ourselves. Many families have grandparents and godparents. I know that there is no culture at all yet, but it would be a logical solution if these close relatives would get into the pocket money with 2500-2500 per month. It already means 60 000 HUF per year for a child, which is not the responsibility of the parent.

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